Aptos Ascend: Elevating Open Finance to New Heights

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2 min readApr 18, 2024
Aptos Ascend | Customizable blockchain technology shaping the future of finance.

Welcome to a pivotal moment in open finance.

With the launch of Aptos Ascend, Aptos Labs, in collaboration with Microsoft, Brevan Howard, and SK Telecom, is setting a new standard for what blockchain technology can achieve across financial markets.

Aptos Ascend integrates Microsoft Azure OpenAI and taps into Brevan Howard’s deep financial expertise, supported by strategic insights from Boston Consulting Group. This innovative suite of solutions is designed to support the world of institutional finance by providing tools that enhance security and facilitate efforts to remain compliant with evolving regulations, while driving forward innovation in technology.

Bridging the Gap Between Legacy Finance and Blockchain Innovation

Aptos Ascend isn’t just technology; it’s a transformative platform that allows institutions to combine the stability of traditional financial systems with the dynamic capabilities of blockchain-based open finance. Aptos Ascend features a unique blend of permissioned network capabilities and Digital Asset Controls, incorporating a variety of security features, including tools to help institutions perform Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) functions, supported by SKT’s Wallet-as-a-Service. This integration forms part of a comprehensive set of capabilities designed to meet and exceed the stringent standards expected from global financial entities.

Explore Aptos Ascend’s Key Features

Digital Asset Controls: Aptos Ascend includes sophisticated Digital Asset Controls that facilitate secure and compliant transactions among approved parties. These features are highly customizable, supporting specific needs for token configurations and operational programmability, enhancing safety and precision. Additionally, zero-knowledge proofs support confidentiality while maintaining compliant transaction efficiency.

Network Controls: The platform offers robust and flexible solutions for creating a customized blockchain network. Financial institutions can tailor their networks to meet specific compliance and operational needs. Aptos Ascend includes a managed infrastructure, user-friendly monitoring tools, and a validator approval framework, all of which support a secure and efficient network setup. Additionally, features like multi-signature protocols and audit trails help enhance the security of institutional accounts.

Reaching New Heights

The debut of Aptos Ascend marks a significant step towards a future where finance is more accessible and decentralized. Aptos Ascend is not just our solution; it’s our commitment to you and the future of open finance.

Ready to lead the charge? Discover how Aptos Ascend can revolutionize your institution’s approach to finance. Apply for the opportunity to become a partner: https://aptosascend.com/



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