Identity Connect: Cross-Platform Web3 Logins Solved, Once and for All

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3 min readNov 16, 2023



  • Identity Connect, a new solution for cross-platform Web3 logins, offers instant Web3 access across all devices and platforms through social login.
  • Enjoy continuous, secure Web3 access without repeated reauthorizations.
  • Experience it firsthand in Star Fighter, a free-to-play video game on Aptos, showcasing the seamless integration of Identity Connect.

It’s time we simplified cross-platform Web3 logins. Say goodbye to frustrating onboarding, endless reauthorizations, and missed opportunities. Introducing Identity Connect: Aptos Labs’ new solution for cross-platform Web3 logins. Identity Connect is redefining the way you experience Web3, offering a seamless journey through Aptos. Easily connect your Web3 wallet to apps across all of your devices and platforms, effortlessly accessing the Aptos ecosystem.

How Identity Connect Works

Many Web3 developers avoid centralized identity management, prioritizing user empowerment through decentralized platforms like self-custodial wallets. However, this focus poses challenges for seamless identity integration across applications. To address this, Aptos Labs created Identity Connect as a platform and protocol to securely coordinate identity services and applications while still allowing for self-custodial ownership over wallets.

Easy Access
With a single login, Identity Connect grants instant access to your apps. Sign up, scan your QR code, and you’re in — revolutionizing Web3 with seamless, secure, user-friendly access. Manage all of your wallet connections with OAuth and social login through Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook.

Convenience with Web3 Privacy

Identity Connect prioritizes security by using OAuth integration and QR code pairings for end-to-end encryption. Leveraging a stateful service as a relay between applications and wallets ensures uninterrupted communication, while accommodating both anonymous and connected pairings, allowing flexibility in user privacy. To delve deeper into our security framework and understand how we’ve fortified Identity Connect, explore our technical design here.

Once You’re in, You’re in

No more hassle with reauthorizations. With Identity Connect, once you’re authenticated, you’re in for good. Whether you’re deep in a Web3 game or exploring web3, you can rely on that initial QR code scan to authorize all of your actions, at every step.

Built for Universal Access
Identity Connect is broadening ways to access Aptos beyond browsers, to mobile devices, desktop apps, and even Safari and Linux.

Identity Connect in Action: Star Fighter on Aptos

Builders are already using Identity Connect to elevate their users’ experience. Star Fighter (, a free-to-play new video game dApp on Aptos, has chosen to integrate Identity Connect. Explore how this integration was implemented on GitHub.

Build with Identity Connect Today

Identity Connect is your gateway to a user experience where simplicity and accessibility are paramount. With Identity Connect, developers can broaden access to mass markets and onboard the Web3 curious — offering a frictionless login experience and a streamlined customer journey they can trust.

Interested in creating low-friction, user-friendly experiences? Identity Connect is compatible with the existing Aptos wallet adapter, apps just need to update to get started. Dive into the details of how Identity Connect works, explore our comprehensive documentation, and see real-world examples of its implementation:



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